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What is the story behind the birth of the revolutionary Bruxless project?

Created with the idea and energy of Romain in 2021, Bruxless is above all a project carried by convinced people and a revolutionary idea: to relieve and treat people from a pathology so far incurable: bruxism.

10 to 15 million French people, 1 billion people in the world, suffer from bruxism daily and the observation is that there is no therapeutic solution to this pathology.

With his experience as an osteopath (his initial profession) and as an entrepreneur (startup, real estate, etc.), Romain was able to gather around him the skills necessary to carry out this project.

Bruxless was created for the sole purpose of providing a concrete response to people who suffer from this global disease that is bruxism.

15% of the population is affected by this pathology and it was important to us to offer the solution that would finally relieve and cure patients of this disease.

You can finally sleep in peace, Bruxless is here to relieve your pain.

Our team
CEO & Co-Founder

Romain Bensussan

Digital Director & Co-Founder

Fabrice Catelas

Do not hesitate to follow the news of Bruxless.

Your sleep and your health are most precious, which is why we take the time to develop the best possible solution to heal you.

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